Joining our Lab

We are looking for exceptional students aiming to pursue graduate study. Our lab has opportunities available for conducting research in ecosystem services valuation and across multiple social-ecological systems all around the world. We aim is to recruit students who are willing to proactively develop both a solid conceptual framework for their ideas and I encourage the use both biophysical and sociocultural and economic approaches towards the end of generating knowledge of the dynamics of social-ecological systems. Enthusiasm for science and field work and a strong work ethic are essential prerequisites for joining my lab. Sources of support vary, but include research assistantships on funded grants, fellowships from the Idaho State University, or teaching assistantships. Incoming doctoral students have the opportunity to submit fellowship proposals to NSF and/or U.S. EPA and your participation in these opportunities is strongly encouraged. I look forward to speaking with you about how your interests may align with ongoing and future projects!

If you are interested in joining the Social-Ecological Research Lab, please contact me at with a brief description of your research interests. Please also include an updated curriculum vitae, research skills and experiences (e.g., presentations, publications, etc). You can learn more about the process on the Department of Biological Sciences webpage.